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Shooting Videos In Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan is a hot spot for photography, music, fashion and the arts. Whether you’re on a day trip or staying long term here are some helpful tips that can make getting the best photos or video easy and affordable.

Start Early

The morning time from 5am to 9pm is a perfect time to start capturing the city or surrounding area. The morning is far less crowded then the afternoon or night allowing for easier movement from place to place, less people in the way of your photo and the Japanese sun rise is one of the most beautiful in the world.


Most public places in Tokyo

are ok to shoot in. You will only need a permit if you plan on setting up a tripod or other large equipment, or for filming on private property. “Gorilla style shooting” (shooting with easy to carry, small equipment) is preferred in the city. Being in and out of an area quickly is the best way to avoid being questioned by the police or someone telling you to move.

Tokyo Camera Rentals

If you need to rent a camera or some other equipment for your shoot, Tokyo has a couple of foreigner friendly places that can help you. Temple Studios is a perfect place to find a large verity of cameras, lights and accessories for your shoot. They offer English and Japanese services and can find you exactly what you need. However if you need more professional support try, sanwa-group, equiptokyo, or

The kindness

Be respectful to other people around you and the people that live in Tokyo. Japanese people are very private and nervous around foreigners, so being as uninstructive as possible is a good way avoid trouble with the locals. Some areas, like famous Kabukicho and even the nerdy back streets of Akihabara have a strong gang presents and you will be approached by someone and asked not to take photos. So doing some research, scouting the area beforehand, reading the air while you’re there and being in and out is a good formula for a successful shoot.

In conclusion

Start early to avoid crowds, shooting light, run and gun style, don’t be afraid to rent a lens, camera or accessory for a better photo and lastly be nice to the people that live in Tokyo and be mindful of your surroundings. If you find this article useful or want to talk to the writers, leave a comment and like it below.

Written by, Joel Smith


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