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 Joel Smith

My name is Joel and I am a colorist. I became interested in color correction in my sophomore year in college. It was cool that you could change a videos emotion so easily and effectively. Since then I’ve worked for dozens of companies as a colorist/editor and in the future want to create a new way of adding color and texture to video.


My work can be seen on the WWE Network, WE TV, RYOT News, PROHBTD Media, and Kizen Studios to name a few.

When I’m not nailing a color grade. I like to study movies and their directors, go to live music shows, play tennis, read about world history or art, take pictures and play video games. I have many interests, I’m very curious about where things come from. I’m open to anything and down for whatever.

I like nature, sci-fi, paintings, outer space, anime, horror movies, my family, traveling, laughing, helping people and my African American heritage.


I try to always do my best and look for the balance. 

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